We have live entertainment five nights per week with Irish music featuring ‘Celtic Bridge’ Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This three-piece traditional Irish act plays authentic jigs, reels and ballads that will take you across the Atlantic and back. Led by guitarist and bass player John Schreiber with Roisin Dillon (Cherish the Ladies) on fiddle, these session players can hang with the best of them, while vocalist/guitarist Adrian Peever has the tones to make a noisy pub fall silent. Sticking around ’til the wee hours usually pays off too with special guests and patrons making a great night unforgettable.



Tuesday’s feature ‘2ofUs’ - a Lennon/McCartney Beatles tribute so fab you could be listening to your old records (without the scratches). George VanDyk and Bryan Hinton blast out stunning vocal harmonies that’ll have you singing and dancing like it’s Saturday.

‘2 of Us’ will not be at The Field on Jan 21st, Jan 28th and Feb 4th. Bryan Hinton from the band will be doing his solo piano show instead.

They return Tuesday, February 11th, 2014



Wednesday is the legendary Hot Rod Show. George Orr is Rod Stewart! George and Kelly will have you laughing in between the dancing with a show packed full of gags, one-armed push-ups and Hot Legs.

There will be no Hot Rod Show on Wednesday, August 20th 2014 as George Orr will be out of town.